Who is the CEO of Ripple?

The current CEO of Ripple is Brad Garlinghouse. Garlinghouse is a technology executive who has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since its early days.

Garlinghouse joined Ripple Labs in 2012, and he served as CTO of the company until 2015. He was then promoted to CEO of Ripple Labs, and he has held that position ever since.

Garlinghouse is a strong advocate for the use of XRP as a cross-border payment solution. He has worked to build relationships with banks and other financial institutions, and he has helped to promote the use of XRP in these institutions.

In July 2023, the SEC’s case against Ripple Labs was dismissed. This is a major victory for Ripple Labs, and it will allow them to continue to develop the XRP Ledger and XRP.

The future of XRP is bright. The XRP Ledger is a promising technology, and XRP has the potential to become a major player in the global financial system.

Here are some other people who are currently involved in the leadership of Ripple:

  • Christine Garlinger – President
  • Joshua Mack – Chief Financial Officer
  • Stefan Thomas – Chief Technology Officer
  • David Schwartz – Chief Legal Officer